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Video Screencasts for Learn Enough Command Line to Be Dangerous

Mar 3, 2016 • posted by Michael Hartl

Learn Enough to Be Dangerous is designed to teach you technical sophistication, and the foundation of technical sophistication is an understanding of the Unix command line. Even though some aspects of the command line are covered in the Ruby on Rails Tutorial, it’s undoubtedly a subject that deserves its own tutorial, which is why the Learn Enough introductory sequence starts with Learn Enough Command Line to Be Dangerous. It’s also why, as I’m pleased to announce today, the first set of videos released under the Learn Enough umbrella is the Learn Enough Command Line to Be Dangerous screencast series.

Written tutorials are great, but there’s nothing like screencasts to bring computer magic to life. Screencasts let you “look over the shoulder” of an experienced developer, watching in real time as computer spells are cast and the machine comes to life to do our bidding. The Learn Enough Command Line to Be Dangerous screencasts show you command-line magic in action, as you can see in the teaser video below:

The full Learn Enough Command Line to Be Dangerous video series includes more than an hour of video, covering not only all the subjects in the written tutorial but also the kind of tips & tricks that are hard to capture in print form. Topics include:

  • The important and deceptively powerful echo command
  • Redirects, appending, and pipes
  • Keyboard shortcuts for moving around and clearing the line
  • Listing files and directories, including the all-powerful -hartl option
  • Viewing small files with cat and large files with less
  • Downloading files at the command line with curl
  • Making, navigating, and removing directories
  • Using grep to search files and grep -r to search directories
  • Understanding that the great power of rm -rf comes with great responsibility

The full price for the Learn Enough Command Line to Be Dangerous screencasts is $24, which includes the full video series as well as a free copy of the tutorial ebooks (PDF/EPUB/MOBI).

One reader recently wrote this about Learn Enough Command Line to Be Dangerous:

Learn Enough Command Line to Be Dangerous is the best beginner’s guide to bash [the most common Unix command-line program] I’ve seen, and it really made me a lot more comfortable working with CLI [command-line interface] programs.

Watching and studying the Learn Enough Command Line to Be Dangerous screencasts will help you take these essential command-line skills to the next level.


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Michael Hartl

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