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Learn Enough Dev Environment to Be Dangerous

Feb 1, 2017 • posted by Michael Hartl

We've just released Learn Enough Dev Environment to Be Dangerous, a free tutorial on setting up a proper environment for doing software development.

In addition to being available online, the ebook downloads are free as well.

For those who prefer the convenience of direct delivery to their Kindle, we've made the tutorial available for Amazon's minimum $0.99 purchase price here.

At around 20 pages, Learn Enough Dev Environment is short and sweet—a great complement to the other Learn Enough tutorials, the Ruby on Rails Tutorial, and the Learn Enough Society.

While Learn Enough Dev Environment to Be Dangerous covers easier setup options like cloud IDEs and virtual machines, I especially recommend it for macOS and Linux users who are ready for the more challenging task of configuring their native environments.

Learn Enough Dev Environment to Be Dangerous is a living document, and we plan to keep it up-to-date as development environments evolve. Please feel free to pass it around as a resource to any of your friends or colleagues who want to get started learning about software development.

Finally, suggestions are welcome, so please let us know if you have any favorite dev environment tricks you'd like to see included!

P.S. For reference, here are the Learn Enough Dev Environment to Be Dangerous links again: online, free downloads, Amazon purchase. Enjoy!

Michael Hartl

I’m Michael Hartl—author, educator, and entrepreneur. I’m probably best known as the creator of the Ruby on Rails Tutorial, a book and screencast series that together constitute one of the leading introductions to web development. Once called his “favorite book” by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, the Ruby on Rails Tutorial currently has over 150 5-star reviews at Amazon. I’m also (in)famous for creating Tau Day and The Tau Manifesto, which have inspired an international movement dedicated to the proposition that “pi is wrong.” (For example, as a result of The Tau Manifesto, MIT releases their admissions decisions each year at “Tau Time” (6:28 p.m.), and typing tau/2 at Google yields 3.14159…) Finally, I’m a founder of Softcover, a publishing system and sales platform for technical authors, which among other things powers both The Tau Manifesto and the Ruby on Rails Tutorial.

I’m a graduate of Harvard College and have a Ph.D. in Physics from Caltech, where I studied black hole dynamics and was an award-winning instructor in theoretical and computational physics. I’m also an alumnus of Y Combinator, the entrepreneur program that has produced companies such as Dropbox and Airbnb. (Alas, my own Y Combinator startup was neither Dropbox nor Airbnb.)