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Ruby on Rails Tutorial, 2nd edition

Apr 20, 2012 • posted by Michael Hartl

tl;dr: The Rails Tutorial 2nd edition PDF is out; early access to the 2nd edition screencasts is open; use the code "rt2ndEd" through the end of April to get a 20% discount. Go to http://railstutorial.org/ for more information.

I'm pleased to announce the availability of the Ruby on Rails Tutorial, 2nd Edition PDF. This new edition has been specially optimized for e-readers such as Kindle and iPad; you can download a sample PDF here:


Here's what's new in the 2nd edition:


I'd especially like to thank the many readers who reported errors in the online version of the 2nd edition.

I'd also like to announce the launch of access to the 2nd edition screencasts. Right now this consists of Lessons 1 & 2, along with two short screencasts on installation and advanced setup. Anyone who buys the screencasts now will get each new screencast as it's produced, as well as the 1st edition screencasts in their entirety. I'm planning to increase the price to $125 once they're done, but until then they are available for $95. You can find them on the Rails Tutorial home page:


I'm offering a 20% discount using the coupon code "rt2ndEd" (expires at the end of April).

As a heads-up, progress on the new screencasts will probably be slow for the next week or so, as I'll be in Austin, Texas, for RailsConf 2012. I'll be speaking on Monday afternoon (4/23) on "Rails-flavored Ruby" (based on Chapter 4 of the Rails Tutorial book), and I'll be around through the end of the conference. If any of you will be in attendance and would like to make good on the book's Beerware License, now's your chance. ;-)

Michael Hartl

I’m Michael Hartl—author, educator, and entrepreneur. I’m probably best known as the creator of the Ruby on Rails Tutorial, a book and screencast series that together constitute one of the leading introductions to web development. Once called his “favorite book” by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, the Ruby on Rails Tutorial currently has over 150 5-star reviews at Amazon. I’m also (in)famous for creating Tau Day and The Tau Manifesto, which have inspired an international movement dedicated to the proposition that “pi is wrong.” (For example, as a result of The Tau Manifesto, MIT releases their admissions decisions each year at “Tau Time” (6:28 p.m.), and typing tau/2 at Google yields 3.14159…) Finally, I’m a founder of Softcover, a publishing system and sales platform for technical authors, which among other things powers both The Tau Manifesto and the Ruby on Rails Tutorial.

I’m a graduate of Harvard College and have a Ph.D. in Physics from Caltech, where I studied black hole dynamics and was an award-winning instructor in theoretical and computational physics. I’m also an alumnus of Y Combinator, the entrepreneur program that has produced companies such as Dropbox and Airbnb. (Alas, my own Y Combinator startup was neither Dropbox nor Airbnb.)