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The Rails Tutorial Vanguard

Jun 10, 2010 • posted by Michael Hartl

I'm pleased to announce the availability of the Rails Tutorial Vanguard, a special group that will be intimately involved in the production of the upcoming Rails Tutorial screencast series. Members of the Vanguard will get priority access to the screencasts as I make them (including a cutting-edge introduction to Rails 3). They will also get free copies of the final screencast series when completed. Most important, Vanguard members will have access to regular live webcasts so that I can answer questions and respond to feedback. You can think of the Vanguard as an extended small-group training course. (I estimate that the webcasts will start in early July, and will take place weekly for 6–8 weeks.)

The Vanguard is a premium product, so it won't be a good fit for everyone. The actual benefits are also a bit vague, since even I'm not exactly sure what they all will be! You should consider joining the Vanguard only if you are confident, based on what you can infer about me from the Rails Tutorial book, that I will deliver an experience of exceptional value. And if joining the Vanguard doesn't fit in your budget, worry not: the screencast series itself will be less expensive by an order of magnitude. (And, of course, the online version of the tutorial will always be free.)

If I've piqued your interest, you can find out more about the Rails Tutorial Vanguard here. I hope to see you there. :-)

Michael Hartl

I’m Michael Hartl—author, educator, and entrepreneur. I’m probably best known as the creator of the Ruby on Rails Tutorial, a book and screencast series that together constitute one of the leading introductions to web development. Once called his “favorite book” by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, the Ruby on Rails Tutorial currently has over 150 5-star reviews at Amazon. I’m also (in)famous for creating Tau Day and The Tau Manifesto, which have inspired an international movement dedicated to the proposition that “pi is wrong.” (For example, as a result of The Tau Manifesto, MIT releases their admissions decisions each year at “Tau Time” (6:28 p.m.), and typing tau/2 at Google yields 3.14159…) Finally, I’m a founder of Softcover, a publishing system and sales platform for technical authors, which among other things powers both The Tau Manifesto and the Ruby on Rails Tutorial.

I’m a graduate of Harvard College and have a Ph.D. in Physics from Caltech, where I studied black hole dynamics and was an award-winning instructor in theoretical and computational physics. I’m also an alumnus of Y Combinator, the entrepreneur program that has produced companies such as Dropbox and Airbnb. (Alas, my own Y Combinator startup was neither Dropbox nor Airbnb.)