A full draft of the Ruby on Rails Tutorial, 2nd Edition, is now available

Feb 8, 2012 • posted by Michael Hartl

A full draft of the Ruby on Rails Tutorial, 2nd Edition, is now available. This draft includes previously unreleased versions of Chapter 10, "User microposts", and Chapter 11, "Following users". (As noted in the original announcement, the new edition has eleven chapters, whereas the first edition had twelve, with a bonus Chapter 13 on Rails 3.1. Since the new edition is based on Rails 3.2, the bonus chapter is superfluous, and the new has_secure_password method allowed further consolidation from twelve chapters down to eleven.)

I'd like to thank again all the readers who have reached out with suggestions and bug reports. Please keep them coming. Once people have had time to read the newly released chapters, I plan to incorporate new feedback and then begin offering PDF sales of the new edition, which should happen within a few weeks. I also plan to start producing the new screencast series shortly. As noted before, these new products will be paid upgrades, but current customers will receive coupon codes good for substantial discounts. For answers to other Frequently Asked Questions, please see the FAQ in the original announcement.