Amazing Black Friday Deal

Nov 20, 2018 • posted by Michael Hartl

Every year around this time, I get emails asking me if I’m offering a Black Friday deal on the Ruby on Rails Tutorial. Although there have been some exceptions, the answer is usually “no”.

Well, this year, the answer is “yes”, and then some!

I'm going beyond what I ever expected to do by partnering with Laurence Bradford from Learn to Code With Me, who has assembled an incredible bundle of products called the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox.

The Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox comes jam-packed with 19 tech courses and products, valued at over $3,400 when purchased separately… BUT it’s being sold for just $199. That’s an astonishing 94% in savings.

Laurence has put some information together on the wide range of products in the bundle, which I’ve included below. Note that the final product listed is the Ruby on Rails Tutorial (book and videos), which is a $169 value just by itself!

  1. (VALUED AT $297) Ultimate Web Designer & Developer Course, created by Brad Hussey. Inside this course you’ll learn HTML5, CSS, Photoshop basics, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and so much more by building 20+ custom projects.
  2. (VALUED AT $149) Simple Steps JavaScript, created by Yaphi Berhanu. You’ll learn to do practical things with vanilla JavaScript and create projects for your portfolio.
  3. (VALUED AT $500) Become a Web Developer: Learn the Basics and Fundamentals of Ruby! created by Mammoth Interactive and taught by John Bura. Learn about variables, methods, collections, loops, lambdas, and more in Ruby.
  4. (VALUED AT $99) Land Your First Tech Job, created by Jeremy Schifeling. Step-by-step tactics for getting from job application to offer at top companies.
  5. (VALUED AT $299) Freelance Developer Masterclass, created by Hahna Latonick. Take your freelance developer business from $0 to $10k in 90 days!
  6. (VALUED AT $197) The iOS Fundamentals Course, created by Chris Ching. Learn Swift and be able to build iOS apps.
  7. (VALUED AT $50) Responsive HTML Emails Course, created by Joe Santso. Learn how to build responsive emails (a skill great for junior developers).
  8. (VALUED AT $75) Python Programming for Beginners, created by Stone River eLearning. Learn Python, an excellent, flexible, and intuitive language for beginners.
  9. (VALUED AT $350) Sketchpacks, created by Evan Leong. Get hundreds of pre-built symbols to create beautiful designs for mobile and desktop apps.
  10. (VALUED AT $49) Front-End Web Development Starter Kit, created by Alec McGuffey. Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and more, plus free access to useful tools.
  11. (VALUED AT $250) Lifetime Access to, created by Imtiaz Ahmad. Master Java and learn how to stand out in the job search.
  12. (VALUED AT $45) Freelancing & Beyond, created by Kyle Prinsloo. An eBook all about how to succeed as a freelancer, price your services, close the sale, and more.
  13. (VALUED AT $199) Data Analysis with Google Sheets, created by Ben Collins. Learn how to use Google Sheets to practice valuable data skills, make predictions, and more.
  14. (VALUED AT $89) Create Awesome Vue.js Apps With Nuxt.js, created by Erik Hanchett. Create interactive applications with this fast, easy-to-use JavaScript framework.
  15. (VALUED AT $297) Web Design Business Plan Membership, created by Ray DelVecchio. Grow your web design business, master email marketing, and more.
  16. (VALUED AT $150) Ethical Hacking using Kali Linux from A to Z, created by Mohamed Atef. Learn about ethical hacking and prepare for a career as a professional penetration tester.
  17. (VALUED AT $49) Learn React Native for Android and iOS Mobile Development, created by Prabin Agrawal. Learn how to use React Native to build an app once that works cross-platform on Android and iOS.
  18. (VALUED AT $99) Get Your First Dev Job—A Live Workshop, created by Hrishi Mittal. A half-day live online workshop focused on crushing the job hunt.
  19. (VALUED AT $169) The Ruby on Rails Tutorial, created by Michael Hartl. Learn how to use Ruby on Rails to develop powerful web applications.

When you get the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox, you’ll enjoy over $3,200 in savings.

Click here to learn more!

Here’s the thing, though: The Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox is only going to be available until Monday, Nov 26th at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. Get it now before it goes away forever!

Finally, I'd like to thank Laurence Bradford for the great work she's done in organizing this incredible deal. The Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love this bundle, you can contact Laurence at [email protected] to get 100% of your money back. There is truly nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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