Chapter 6 of the Ruby on Rails Tutorial book

Feb 1, 2010 • posted by Michael Hartl

A draft of Chapter 6 of the Ruby on Rails Tutorial book is out. Enjoy!

By the way, Rails 3 is due out any day now; as soon as I verify that all the book (and gem/plugin) code works, I'll convert the tutorial over to use Rails 3, and future chapters should be Rails 3–compatible from the start. (The switch to Rails 3 will temporarily break the Heroku deploys in the tutorial, but worry not—they are hard at work and will be supporting Rails 3 soon.) For current readers, the Rails 3 switch will probably mean working quickly through the tutorial a second time to update your code; I will be modifying the tutorial slightly to make this second run-through a little easier. Of course, I'll make a separate news announcement when the Rails 3–compatible tutorial is ready.