Half Tau Day

Mar 14, 2011 • posted by Michael Hartl

This is a quick follow-up to Ruby and The Tau Manifesto from last June 28 (6/28, or Tau Day). Today is "Pi Day", and in honor of π still being wrong I'm pleased to announce the new site Half Tau Day, which describes the τist version of this famously πous holiday. Today also marks the appearance of an article about tau on CNN.com called On Pi Day, is 'pi' under attack? and an awesome video called "Pi is (still) wrong" by 'mathemusician' Vi Hart.

As with The Tau Manifesto, the Half Tau Day site is a Rails app running on Heroku behind a Varnish cache. This is probably overkill for such a simple site, but Rails application generation and deployment is now so easy that there's not much reason not to use Rails, and running a full Rails stack ensures that halftauday.com can grow and evolve to meet any future requirements, no matter what they might be.

The π is a lie… Happy Half Tau Day!