Learn Enough JavaScript, drafts of Chapters 1–3

Apr 4, 2018 • posted by Michael Hartl

I’m pleased to announce that drafts of the first three chapters of Learn Enough JavaScript to Be Dangerous are now available!

You can buy a copy of the ebook now and get free updates each time I release new chapters. The full price will be $24, but during this draft phase you can get the book at a 20% discount.

As the only programming language that can be executed inside web browsers, JavaScript is an essential part of every programmer’s toolkit. Learn Enough JavaScript to Be Dangerous is designed to get you started writing practical and modern JavaScript programs as fast as possible, using the latest JavaScript technologies (including Node.js and ES6), with a focus on the real tools used every day by software developers.

The first three chapters cover:

  1. Hello, world! four different ways
  2. Strings, the raw material of the Web
  3. Arrays, JavaScript’s universal object container

Learn Enough JavaScript to Be Dangerous differs from many other JS tutorials in that it treats JavaScript as a general-purpose programming language right from the start. The result is an unusually solid foundation for not only JavaScript web development, but also programming in many other contexts.

Read the introduction for more about what makes Learn Enough JavaScript to Be Dangerous different.

I plan to release new chapters every week until the book is complete (with plans for a final release around the end of April). These are draft chapters, so feedback regarding bug reports, typos, etc., are much appreciated. You can send such reports to [email protected].

I hope you enjoy the tutorial!

Remember: Get a 20% discount now on the ebook and get free downloadable updates with each new chapter release.

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