Full draft of Learn Enough JavaScript

Apr 25, 2018 • posted by Michael Hartl

After a great time at RailsConf, I’m back in LA and have just published a full draft of Learn Enough JavaScript to Be Dangerous. The book is 289 pages long; you can buy a copy now and get free updates after the official launch in a couple of weeks.

The new chapters published since last week are as follows:

The full price of Learn Enough JavaScript to Be Dangerous will eventually be $24, but during this draft phase you can get the book at a 20% discount. (Make sure to use the discount link when you purchase; the highlighted link on the main book site has the undiscounted price.)

This draft is in pretty good shape, but before the official launch I’d like to allow some time for bug reports, typos, etc., to trickle in. No error is too small to report! (You can reach me at [email protected]) Many thanks to the large number of readers who have already taken the time to offer feedback and help.

The official launch is planned for early May.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial!

Remember: Get a 20% discount now on the ebook and get a free update after the official release.

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