LA RubyConf and the Rails Tutorial Story

Dec 3, 2010 • posted by Michael Hartl

I'd like to invite any and all readers/watchers/followers of the Ruby on Rails Tutorial book and screencasts to join me at LA RubyConf on Saturday, February 5th, 2011 in San Pedro, California. I'm planning to present one-day Rails tutorials on each of the tutorial days (February 3 & 4), and I also hope to give a talk at the main conference on the 5th. On this last point, you can even help me out…

One of the speaking slots for the conference will go to the talk with the most "likes" on the LA RubyConf website. With your help, that talk could be mine. :-) (Note: You do not need to attend the conference to vote on the proposal, and the talks will be recorded by Confreaks, so even if you don't attend you can still watch the talk online.) Here are the steps to vote for my talk proposal:

  1. Go to the LA RubyConf signup page and sign up as a new user.
  2. Go to the "Rails Tutorial Story" proposal page and click like at the bottom of the talk summary.
  3. There is no step 3!

Remember, you can "like" the talk proposal even if you don't come to the conference, but I certainly hope you will. Los Angeles is beautiful in February—and 100% snow-free. :-)