Screencast for Learn Enough Action Cable to Be Dangerous

Oct 26, 2016 • posted by Michael Hartl

I’ve just released the screencast for Learn Enough Action Cable to Be Dangerous, which teaches you how to make real-time web applications using Rails and the WebSocket Protocol.

This is cutting-edge web development, the kind of thing that gives you a leg up on the competition when landing a contract or getting a job.

The Action Cable sample app is a real-time chat application, and for this kind of app the screencast format really shines. It’s hard to completely capture the dynamic nature of Action Cable in a written tutorial, but with a screencast you can really see the app come to life.

Topics include:

  • Upgrading a Rails app to Action Cable
  • Message broadcasts using WebSockets
  • Polishing the User Interface with CoffeeScript
  • Advanced enhancements like Markdown support and @-mention notifications

Anyone interested in building real-time apps will benefit from both the ebook and video versions of Learn Enough Action Cable to Be Dangerous.

There are two main ways to get it:

  1. Buy the downloadable ebooks & videos: Get EPUB/MOBI/PDF ebooks & over 2 hours of MP4 videos.
  2. Join the Learn Enough Society: Get access to a special enhanced online version (with community answers to exercises) and free streaming versions of all 2+ hours of the Action Cable screencasts.

Either way, I hope you enjoy learning enough Action Cable to be dangerous!

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