Learn Enough Command Line to Be Dangerous ebooks

Oct 7, 2015 • posted by Michael Hartl

Ebooks for the Learn Enough Command Line to Be Dangerous tutorial are now available for sale in all three common formats (EPUB, MOBI, and PDF). As noted before, Learn Enough Command Line to Be Dangerous is a short (78-page) introduction to the Unix command line that assumes no prerequisites other than general computer knowledge, and is the first in a series of Learn Enough to Be Dangerous tutorials designed to fulfill the prerequisites of the Ruby on Rails Tutorial. The content of the ebooks is the same as the free online version, but many people find ebooks more convenient and like the sense of ownership that comes from having their own copies.

In other news, I’ve recently launched a newly redesigned version of my personal website (michaelhartl.com). I plan to start making occasional posts on both technical and non-technical subjects of interest to students of the Rails Tutorial and the Learn Enough tutorials. My plan is to send out notifications to my main lists, so if you’re reading this message you should automatically receive notifications when new posts are ready. (If you’re not on any of my lists, you can join one now.)

Finally, at some point I plan to make screencasts to complement the text of the Learn Enough Command Line to Be Dangerous tutorial. I’ll be offering generous discounts to anyone who buys the ebooks. Of course, I’ll send a notification to this list when the screencasts are ready.

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