Learn Enough Developer Tools to Be Dangerous Print Edition

May 2, 2022 • posted by Michael Hartl

Michael Hartl here from the Rails Tutorial and Learn Enough.

I promised in my previous post on the Rails Tutorial 7th edition that we have a lot of exciting announcements coming up. That was the first one—here’s the second one: I’m pleased to announce the publication of the print edition of Learn Enough Developer Tools to Be Dangerous, available now for Pre-Order. (If you click on that book link, be sure to use the discount code LEARNENOUGH to get 35% off when checking out. See below for details.)

Learn Enough Developer Tools to Be Dangerous, produced in cooperation with Pearson Education, combines the material in the Learn Enough ebooks on Command Line, Text Editor, and Git into one convenient volume.

Learn enough about…

  • Running a terminal, entering and editing commands, and using man pages
  • Manipulating and inspecting files: from basic copying to finding patterns
  • Organizing files with directories
  • Minimum Viable Vim and the Most Important Vim Command™
  • Basic and advanced editing techniques with editors like Atom and VS Code
  • Using the human-readable Markdown language for writing quick documentation
  • Formatting source code and writing executable scripts
  • Getting started with Git and GitHub
  • Using key Git workflows: commit, push, branch, merge, and more
  • Collaborating on Git projects and resolving code conflicts

Here’s how to get the print edition of Learn Enough Developer Tools to Be Dangerous:

  1. Visit the Learn Enough Developer Tools page at InformIT (Pearson’s direct-sales website).
  2. Select Pre-Order for the regular Book option (Figure 1). The Book + eBook Bundle is also a good deal if you don’t already have the ebooks for the individual Command Line, Text Editor, and Git tutorials, but just be aware that the contents are virtually identical to the ebooks available at learnenough.com.
  3. When checking out, type in the discount code LEARNENOUGH and click the Enter Code button to get 35% off (Figure 2).
  4. InformIT will automatically ship you a copy of the print edition when it comes out later this month (currently scheduled for May 26). Enjoy!
Figure 1: Selecting the print book (or Book + eBook bundle) at InformIT.
Figure 2: Entering the LEARNENOUGH discount code.
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