Learn Enough Git to Be Dangerous

Feb 4, 2016 • posted by Michael Hartl

There may be no more powerful (but mysterious) modern software tool than Git, a version control system that helps developers track a project’s changes while dramatically improving collaboration. Learning Git is important enough that it’s integrated into the Ruby on Rails Tutorial, but many people have asked me for a standalone introduction to this important technology.

I’m pleased to announce that it’s here: Learn Enough Git to Be Dangerous. Unlike the integrated material in the Rails Tutorial, the material in Learn Enough Git to Be Dangerous is completely self-contained, and its only prerequisites are familiarity with the Unix command line and a text editor.

Learn Enough Git to Be Dangerous focuses on Git essentials without getting bogged down in lots of heavy theory. It includes many concrete examples of how to use the most important Git commands, including:

  • git status
  • git add
  • git commit
  • git diff
  • git push
  • git pull
  • git checkout
  • git branch
  • git merge

Learn Enough Git to Be Dangerous also includes an extended example of collaboration with Git, showing you how to use Git in the context of two developers working together on the same project.

Finally, Learn Enough Git to Be Dangerous includes an amazing surprise bonus at the end of the tutorial that you won’t want to miss.

As usual, there’s a free online version of Learn Enough Git to Be Dangerous, so you can check it out and see in detail what it covers. The ebook versions (EPUB, MOBI, PDF) are available for purchase for $9.

I appreciate any feedback or suggestions you may have, whether you’re a relative beginner or an expert. I especially appreciate bug and typo reports (no matter how small). With the streamlined publication process made possible by the Softcover toolchain, I can usually deploy corrections within minutes of receiving them. Please email any feedback to [email protected].

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