Learn Enough Ruby to Be Dangerous Ebook

Sep 5, 2018 • posted by Michael Hartl

The Learn Enough Ruby to Be Dangerous ebook is out! You can buy a copy here.

Learn Enough Ruby to Be Dangerous

Learn Enough Ruby to Be Dangerous is a tutorial introduction to Ruby, an elegant and intuitive object-oriented programming language that is especially known for its use in web development.

The full price is $24, but you can buy a copy of the ebook now (330 pages, PDF/EPUB/MOBI formats) and get a 20% launch discount through Friday, September 7.

Learn Enough Ruby to Be Dangerous is designed to get you started writing practical and modern Ruby programs as fast as possible, including an introduction to web development with Sinatra.

It’s great preparation for the Ruby on Rails Tutorial, and is also an excellent choice to read afterward to solidify your knowledge of Ruby.

Here’s the full chapter list:

  1. Hello, world four different ways
  2. Strings, the raw material of text files and the Web
  3. Arrays, Ruby’s universal object container
  4. Other native objects like Time, Hash, and regular expressions
  5. Functions and blocks: Learn the essential skill of function definition, and start your journey toward mastery of blocks, one of Ruby’s most unusual and characteristic features.
  6. Functional programming: Put your newfound function skills to good use with the beautifully compact style of functional programming.
  7. Objects and classes: Get started with Ruby’s powerful object system, including an introduction to reusing code with inheritance and modules.
  8. Testing and test-driven development: Learn the basics of Ruby testing and test-driven development en route to developing (and deploying!) your own Ruby gem.
  9. Shell scripts: Learn about shell scripting, Ruby’s native habitat.
  10. A live web application: Develop and deploy a live web application (including form handling) using Sinatra.

Note: I am currently preparing videos based on the book. I’ll be issuing free updates based on any corrections made during this process. (Join the Learn Enough mailing list to be notified when the videos are ready.)

I hope you enjoy the tutorial!

Remember: You can get a 20% launch discount on the Learn Enough Ruby to Be Dangerous ebook (330 pages, PDF/EPUB/MOBI formats) through Friday, September 7.

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