Meet the New Learn Enough!

Jul 3, 2019 • posted by Michael Hartl

I’m pleased to announce that a major Learn Enough site redesign has just been released!

You can check out the new home page here:

The new site provides a lot more detail about our products and the Learn Enough teaching philosophy, including a short video showing how it all fits together.

The biggest change is that the full Learn Enough tutorials are now premium products available only to purchasers and subscribers. The tutorials are still available for free, though, via the Learn Enough Scholarship program, which has already granted more than 1000 scholarships. Also, all the tutorials have at least one full chapter available online for free.

In addition, Learn Enough now offers a greater range of individual products and prices. Here are some of the highlights:

As before, all subscriptions include online tutorial access, streaming videos, exercise answers, progress tracking, and more. (Note: All current customers have been grandfathered in based on their existing subscriptions.)

We believe this new model represents a better balance between free and paid offerings, and will better support the continued development of Learn Enough products going forward.

Please check out the new site and let us know what you think!