New Custom Search Feature

Mar 26, 2020 • posted by Michael Hartl

One common request we’ve had for the Learn Enough online books and courses is search: the ability to look inside the Learn Enough tutorials and find items of interest.

I’m happy to say that, thanks mostly to the excellent work of Learn Enough cofounder Nick Merwin, this search functionality is now available on the Learn Enough site.

How Learn Enough search works

Here’s how the new search feature works. Every page on the Learn Enough site now includes the standard “magnifying glass” icon used to indicate search (Figure 1).

Figure 1: A search magnifying glass.

As soon as you click the magnifying glass, you get a standard search box. Let’s use the box to search for “node” (i.e., the Node.js JavaScript runtime), as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Searching for “node”.

The results of this search appear in Figure 3. The display indicates which tutorials match the search term as well as where in the tutorials those matches occur.

Figure 3: The “node” search results.

All Access Subscription

The easiest way to get access to all the search results is to subscribe to the Learn Enough All Access Bundle, which includes all the Learn Enough tutorials (including the full Ruby on Rails Tutorial) as online books and streaming videos.

If cost is a factor, please consider applying for a Learn Enough Scholarship, which has a simple application and generous & flexible acceptance criteria.


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