New Discounted Learn Enough Bundles

Feb 4, 2020 • posted by Michael Hartl

TL;DR: You can now subscribe to the newly updated Web Basics or Application Development bundle and get over 25% off compared to the individual courses.

Learn Enough just made an update that I’m surprised we didn’t think of before. The result is effectively new discounted tutorial bundles for subscribers of the Web Basics Bundle and the Application Development Bundle. (These bundles are structured, self-paced online courses for learning the basics of the Web and web application development.)

Here’s how it works.

We used to have a Web Basics Bundle that included the Learn Enough HTML and CSS & Layout tutorials, and an Application Development Bundle that included tutorials for Ruby on Rails and Action Cable.

Meanwhile, we had a Beginning Development bundle that included both JavaScript and Ruby.

What we realized is that, while the JavaScript and Ruby tutorials parallel each other closely, they didn’t really belong together in the same bundle. So we’ve simplified things by eliminating it.

The good news is that Learn Enough JavaScript fits in beautifully with the Web Basics Bundle. Not only is JavaScript—the programming language of web browsers—clearly a “web basic”, but Learn Enough JavaScript also builds directly on the sample website developed in Learn Enough CSS & Layout.

The result is a natural and powerful progression through front-end design and beginning development.

The other good news is that Learn Enough Ruby fits in beautifully with the Ruby on Rails Tutorial. I specifically designed Learn Enough Ruby to be the perfect preparation for the Rails Tutorial, including a final chapter on Sinatra web development that anticipates the main Rails Tutorial sample app.

The result is the smoothest and gentlest introduction to professional-grade Rails web development I can imagine.

In both cases, the subscription price of the course bundle is significantly cheaper than subscribing to the courses individually:

(Note: Current bundle subscribers have been grandfathered in, so they will get the new content at the old bundle prices.)


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