Programmer training academies

Dec 23, 2012 • posted by Michael Hartl

Programmers in general, and Rails developers in particular, continue to be in strong demand, and several excellent in-person training courses have sprung up to help meet the need, including Dev Bootcamp and App Academy in San Francisco, The Starter League (formerly Code Academy) in Chicago, and Hacker School in New York. (I'm pleased to note that all four have used the Ruby on Rails Tutorial as part of their curriculum at one time or another.) Such programs typically aren't cheap (although Hacker School is free), but the people I've talked to who have gone through them say they are a good investment.

Dev Bootcamp doesn't appear to have any openings right now, but both App Academy and The Starter League have openings for their classes starting on January 7, and Hacker School is accepting applications for its winter batch until January 1. If you're interested in taking your web development skills to the next level, I recommend checking them out. (Note: While I have no formal relationship with any of the groups mentioned, I know people at all four places, and App Academy pays referral bonuses if you end up attending.)