Rails Tutorial & Rails 3.1

Jun 23, 2011 • posted by Michael Hartl

As part of the effort to keep the Ruby on Rails Tutorial up-to-date with the latest version of Rails, I am pleased to announce the availability of a special new chapter on Rails 3.1 (which is currently available as a release candidate). You can find the new Ruby on Rails 3.1 tutorial chapter online here.

The Rails Tutorial PDF has also been updated, and I have produced an accompanying Rails 3.1 screencast, which is now included with the purchase of the full screencast series or PDF/screencast bundle. (Everyone who already bought the PDF or screencast series should check their inboxes for a free update. The download pages have been updated as well, so you can also search for "Your Ruby on Rails Tutorial purchase" in your email client.)

A future edition of the Rails Tutorial book and screencast series will of course use Rails 3.1 (or its successor) from the start. Look for an announcement later this year.