Ruby Hero Awards

Apr 12, 2011 • posted by Michael Hartl

Nominations are open for the Ruby Hero Awards:

[Ruby Heroes] create educational content, develop plugins & gems, contribute to open source projects, and even put on events which help educate and make our lives as developers easier… Ruby Heroes was created to show some gratitude and give these people the recognition they deserve.

Ruby Heroes is not a popularity contest—as far as I know, the number of nominations doesn't affect who is selected as a Ruby Hero—but having lots of nominations surely can't hurt. I've nominated RSpec lead developer Dave Chelimsky (via his GitHub username, dchelimsky), and if you use RSpec I encourage you to do the same.

In addition, while it would be a bit gauche for me to nominate myself, I'm not above soliciting nominations, so if any readers/viewers of the Ruby on Rails Tutorial would like to nominate me, I would be honored. (My GitHub username is mhartl.) I was nominated last year and didn't win, but that was before the release of the free online Ruby on Rails tutorial book, so this year the results might be different.