Rails Tutorial News test post

Feb 21, 2013 • posted by Michael Hartl

This post is a test of the Rails Tutorial News feed. (This is only a test.) Since the Rails Tutorial News feed is (or, rather, was) hosted at Posterous, which is shutting down, I’ve moved it over to a new location. This post is written in Markdown, and the site is produced with Jekyll and Octopress. The generated static site is hosted at GitHub Pages.

I’m making this test post to make sure everything is working. If all goes well, the post will show up in your feed reader or email inbox (depending on your subscription preferences). Because of the new XML feed generated by Jekyll, it’s also likely that many feed readers will show sixteen or so unread posts. I apologize in advance for the noise; unfortunately, this is the inevitable cost of the changeover. This post is the only one that’s actually new, so you can just mark all the other posts as read.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.