The Ruby on Rails Tutorial, now with Twitter's Bootstrap

Mar 9, 2012 • posted by Michael Hartl

Due to popular demand, I have prepared a new version of the Ruby on Rails Tutorial using Twitter's Bootstrap framework. The result, which represents the final draft of the 2nd edition, can be found here:

This is a substantial revision, involving significant code changes, new mockups, and new screenshots. As usual, bug and typo reports are welcome ([email protected]). Once it looks like the kinks have been worked out, I'll release a full PDF of the 2nd edition.

I'd like to thank reader Colm Tuite for his excellent work in helping to convert the book's sample app to Bootstrap. I'd also like to thank Thomas McDonald for his outstanding work on the bootstrap-sass gem.

Since some readers might find themselves stuck in the middle of the pre-Bootstrap version, I have included a copy here:

Otherwise, I suggest using the latest version:

Thanks to all those who encouraged me to make this change. It was a lot of work, but based on reader feedback I'm confident that it's the right move. Bootstrap is an excellent CSS and UI framework, and I'm excited to have it be part of the Rails Tutorial.