Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox

Jun 22, 2020 • posted by Michael Hartl

As you probably already know, technical skills are extremely lucrative and in-demand.

In the past year alone, there were 4.6 million job openings in tech. And the median salary for a tech occupation is over $84K—90% higher than the median wage nationally.

Anyone, including complete beginners, can take advantage of these skills to improve their lives and careers! Helping make this possible is part of our core mission here at Learn Enough.

Now, some of you might have noticed that Learn Enough doesn’t generally promote third-party products. The only exception we make is product bundles that (a) provide an exceptional amount of value and (b) include a valuable Learn Enough product as part of the bundle.

Such bundles are exceptionally rare, which is why we are especially pleased to be taking part in an amazing, limited-time bundle sale with Laurence Bradford from Learn to Code With Me, called the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox.

Among many other products, the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox includes the Learn Enough Application Development Bundle, with downloadable ebooks and screencasts for Learn Enough Ruby, the Ruby on Rails Tutorial, and Learn Enough Action Cable. That’s a $247 value just by itself.

As you’ll see below, the total price is only $239, which is literally less than the Learn Enough Application Development Bundle alone! For $4,206 worth of products, that really is an amazing deal. But there *is* one catch: the offer expires at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on Friday, June 26.

This is the fourth time we’ve partnered with Laurence, and she always does a fantastic job of organizing these promotions. As part of her great work, she includes additional details about all the products; for your convenience, these details are included below:

The Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox comes jam-packed with 33 different tech courses and products. This bundle is valued at $4,206… BUT it’s being sold for just $239. That’s an astonishing 94% in savings.

Here is everything you’ll get inside the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox…

  1. (VALUED AT $199) Programming for Non-Programmers, created by Chris Castiglione. New to the world of programming? Learn how to read code, understand tech lingo, and create your first projects.
  2. (VALUED AT $247) Learn Enough Application Development Bundle: Learn Ruby, Ruby on Rails, & Action Cable , created by Michael Hartl. A 3-course bundle that guides you through creating professional-grade web applications with Ruby on Rails.
  3. (VALUED AT $197) Six-Figure Tech Resume Workshop, created by Rebecca Garcia. Make your resume shine by following this workshop's actionable steps on keywords, structure, information to include, and more.
  4. (VALUED AT $59) JavaScript Basics for Beginners, created by Mosh Hamedani. Beginners to JavaScript will start out on the right foot by mastering the basics in an easy-to-understand way and solving exercises.
  5. (VALUED AT $79) The Fundamentals of Programming with Python, created by Tim Ruscica. Set yourself up for success by grasping the fundamental programming concepts that can be applied to any language. Apply them with hands-on exercises and a graded project using Python.
  6. (VALUED AT $149) The Front End Developer Bootcamp, created by Jon Lue. Software engineer, college instructor, and founder of programming education website Coder Vox
  7. (VALUED AT $49) Freelancing & Beyond eBook, created by Kyle Prinsloo. Learn the fundamentals of freelancing, including marketing yourself, pricing your services, landing clients, understanding the SEO and AdWords, and more.
  8. (VALUED AT $129) Web Design Crash Course for Creative Bloggers, created by Sarah Eggers. Design beautiful, engaging websites with the help of this 3-week crash course aimed toward bloggers and small business owners.
  9. (VALUED AT $47) Mars Rover API Workshop: Create a Web App for NASA Data , created by Trevor Page. Build a fun, mobile-responsive web app as you learn and implement the 5 core pillars of Java.
  10. (VALUED AT $89) Hands-on Web Development with ASP.NET Core & Angular 7 , created by Reynald Adolphe. Build interactive, user-friendly applications using ASP.NET and Angular to become a confident full-stack developer.
  11. (VALUED AT $30) Principles For Programmers: The Condensed Advice From The World's Best , created by Andrei Neagoie. Glean advice from some of the best programmers and thought leaders in the tech industry, so you can avoid common pitfalls and set yourself up for success.
  12. (VALUED AT $199) Mastering Next.js: Mastering Next.js - The Complete Guide To Universal JavaScript , created by Lee Robinson. Aspiring JavaScript/React developers will learn how to use the Next.js framework to create static and server-side rendered applications.
  13. (VALUED AT $25) The Ultimate Guide for Getting Into Cybersecurity for Beginners , created by Tailor Herrarte. It is possible to enter the cybersecurity field as a self-taught professional, and this guide will get you started on the right path.
  14. (VALUED AT $149) React Native by Example: Build Real-World Apps with React Native , created by Spencer Carli. Go behind the scenes of 10 example React Native apps as you prepare to build your own.
  15. (VALUED AT $99) Land the Perfect Job with LinkedIn, created by Jeremy Schifeling. Amp up your LinkedIn game in 5 simple steps to network your way to success.
  16. (VALUED AT $600) Automating G Suite with Google Apps Script (Course Bundle) , created by Laurence Svekis. Make your life easier by automating tasks in your Google Suite using Google Apps Script.
  17. (VALUED AT $47) Introduction To Vue.js, created by Erik Hanchett. Explore Vue.js on a beginner level to learn the basics of the framework, why it's useful, and how to build a Twitter clone with what you learned.
  18. (VALUED AT $197) 30 Days Devops Bootcamp, created by Gourav Shah. Take core DevOps practices from concept to implementation in just 30 days.
  19. (VALUED AT $49) C# and .NET Core for Beginners, created by Pontus Wittenmark. Build a hangman game throughout this course as you learn beginner- and intermediate-level C# skills.
  20. (VALUED AT $500) Beginner's ES6 Programming. Code for the Web in JavaScript , created by John Bura. Start coding with JavaScript, the most popular language among web developers. Specifically, this course teaches the ES6 version with its newer features and concepts.
  21. (VALUED AT $30) Active Rails: Build a Rails 6 Application From the Ground Up , created by Ryan Bigg. Learn how to build a production-quality Rails 6 application from the ground up.
  22. (VALUED AT $497) Freelance Developer Masterclass, created by Hahna Latonick. Learn how to go from $0 to $10K with your freelance developer business in just 90 days.
  23. (VALUED AT $47) Master Remote Interviewing, created by Sam Gavis-Hughson. Remote coding interviews are the new reality for tech job-hunters. Learn how to navigate them successfully!
  24. (VALUED AT $199) Machine Learning for Beginners Course Bundle, created by 365 Data Science. Dive into Python as a programming language, then specifically its use in data science and machine learning throughout this 3-course bundle.
  25. (VALUED AT $100) HTML5 Authoring with CSS Certification Course, created by Mark Lassoff. Get certified as a Framework HTML5 Specialist by completing all exercises and projects in this course as you learn!
  26. (VALUED AT $45) Learn Java the Hard Way + Videos, created by Graham Mitchell. Hard things are worth doing, especially in programming! Base your Java study on the 244-page ebook, paired with video tutorials and drills.
  27. (VALUED AT $149) Simple Steps JavaScript, created by Yaphi Berhanu. Put JavaScript to use immediately as you learn it through bite-sized content combined with hands-on projects and drills.

Remember, this deal expires at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on Friday, June 26. Click here to learn more and get it while it lasts!

P.S. The Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love this bundle, you can get 100% of your money back. There is truly nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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