Print versions of Learn Enough HTML, CSS and Layout and Learn Enough JavaScript

Sep 2, 2022 • posted by Michael Hartl

Michael Hartl here from the Rails Tutorial and Learn Enough.

In a previous post, we told you about the print version of Learn Enough Developer Tools to Be Dangerous (in partnership with Pearson Education), which combines the material in the Learn Enough ebooks on Command Line, Text Editor, and Git.

I’m now pleased to announce the availability of two more volumes, one combining the material from the Learn Enough tutorials on HTML and CSS & Layout and another with the contents of our JavaScript tutorial. That brings the number of print versions to three (the links are to InformIT, Pearson’s direct-sales website):1

  1. Learn Enough Developer Tools to Be Dangerous by Michael Hartl
  2. Learn Enough HTML, CSS and Layout to Be Dangerous by Lee Donahoe and Michael Hartl
  3. Learn Enough JavaScript to Be Dangerous by Michael Hartl

(Note that the contents of both the print versions and Pearson’s eBook versions are virtually identical to the materials available at the Learn Enough website, but this is a great option for anyone who prefers print editions.)

For a limited time, you can also get 45% off using the discount code BACKTOLEARN during checkout (Figure 1). (A couple of Learn Enough titles even made the front page of the Back to Learn promotion page Figure 2)!) After September 14, 2022, you can still use the code LEARNENOUGH to get 35% off (Figure 3).


Figure 1: Entering the BACKTOLEARN discount code.
Figure 2: Learn Enough on the Back to Learn promotion page!
Figure 3: Entering the LEARNENOUGH discount code.
1. Learn Enough Ruby to Be Dangerous is also available at InformIT, but only as an eBook.
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