Learn Enough JavaScript, drafts of Chapters 4–6

Apr 11, 2018 • posted by Michael Hartl

Last week, I announced the release of the first three draft chapters of Learn Enough JavaScript to Be Dangerous. Good news! Drafts of the next three chapters are now available as well:

  • Chapter 4: Other native objects – Learn about Math, Date, regular expressions, and “plain” objects, including a challenging example on finding the unique words in a block of text.
  • Chapter 5: Functions – The essential groundwork for everything else we do in the tutorial. Learn what functions are, how to define them, how to chain them, and how to use them to do iteration the Right Way™.
  • Chapter 6: Functional programming – Level up your coding skills with a challenging chapter on the great triumvirate of functional programming: map, filter, and reduce.

The current draft is 150 pages long, and the final version should be around 275. You can buy a copy of the ebook now and get free updates each time I release new chapters. The full price will be $24, but during this draft phase you can get the book at a 20% discount.

As noted before, I plan to release new chapters every week until the book is complete (with plans to publish a final draft around the end of April). These are draft chapters, so feedback regarding bug reports, typos, etc., are much appreciated. You can send such reports to [email protected].

I hope you enjoy the tutorial!

Remember: Get a 20% discount now on the ebook and get free downloadable updates with each new chapter release.

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